Healthcare in the United States: How it Works

The healthcare system in the United States has very particular characteristics, medical care in the country is high for those who do not have health insurance. To better understand how the healthcare system works in the United States, here are some points about the peculiarities of medical care in the country. Does the United States […]

Student Health Insurance: All you need to know

Marina was in her third year of college in Brazil when she decided to cancel her course and spend 6 months studying in Florida. She arrived in the new country and soon made new friends, was developing the language, but one day she realized that something was different. Appendicitis in the middle of the trip […]

When should I have Life Insurance?

You may be waiting for the right time to take out life insurance, but is there such a time? The answer is: Yes, there is, and it is NOW! So if you are putting off some important decisions, you should make life insurance one of your priorities, after all, your financial well-being and that of […]